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Working Equitation

Becoming a global sensation, WE promises a lot of fun and knowledge.

  • 45 分
  • 15,000円
  • Lode


Working Equitation (WE) is a discipline popular in Europe and rapidly gaining popularity around the world. Founded in the mid-1990s in Portugal, Spain, France, and Italy as a sport, it showcases the riding techniques developed in countries over the centuries, that use horses to do farm work. And, within the last few years, the WE craze has taken off around the globe. Working equitation involves four phases — Dressage; ease of handling with obstacles; speed with obstacles; and, in the highest-level events, cattle handling. Why choose this sport? Horses like variety. They want to have a job. WE broadens a horse’s scope and teaches him to be a good partner in any equine sport you care to pursue. It is especially good for improving dressage skills. The obstacle course is not only fun, it tones your aids. For instance, at the lower levels (L1/L2) you work on basics like bending, leg yields and transitions. After the schooling to the higher levels (L3/L4), doing flying changes around a line of poles gives the horse a visual reference for the timing and purpose of the change. Enjoy these lessons with all the traditional tack that it's unique to Portugal!


  • Cambridge and Newmarket Polo Club, Lode, Cambridge, UK

    080 6000 1622

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